These handmade 100% Soy candles come in a 100% recycled glass jar with a cherry wood wick and contain organic essential oils formulated to help with some of life's biggest personal struggles. This 2oz candle has the burn life of 25+/- hours. At this point in time, they are made to order.


To Select a Scent, please read the following Color Key:

  • Red - Self Love (Depression)
  • Orange - Release Some Tension (Anxiety)
  • Yellow - Deep Breath (Stress)
  • Green - Hold the Tissue (Cold & Flu)
  • Blue - Breathe Easy (Respiratory)
  • Purple - Head Space (Headache & Migraine)

Handmade Soy Candle - 2oz


    Product Reviews

    • "I really like the scent of this candle. It smelled like clean citrus-lavender smell, one of my favorite scents. The wooden wick was neat and was satisfying to watch burn. The scent was potent but not overpowering. Some candles you can barely smell and some fill the room with an artificial smell. This one gave a nice clean smell. I burned the candle for several hours over the weekend while I was home. It seems like it will last a good while. It added a nice aroma to my Saturday morning breakfast when I like to be leisurely. Overall I really like this candle and would definitely like to try the different scents. Thanks for letting me review!"


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