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Season of Giving

This past Saturday, we achieved a huge goal that we set less than six months ago. We successfully raised fifty pastured, non-GMO fed, antibiotic free chickens and we didn't lose a single one during the entire 12-1/2 weeks of their lives. As first-time chicken owners, that is a BIG success! These birds were raised not only to nourish the two of us, but also to nourish our families and friends. We raised them with community in mind.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two holidays celebrated with thankfulness and giving in mind as we remember the historical events creating these days. When we moved to Dunn, we knew absolutely nobody and we were okay with that. Within four months, we have family here in the form of a church and friends who show us what support truly means. This year, I decided not to care about who I told my life to; if they didn't like what I had to say, I was going to be okay either way. Sometimes we get stuck on that stigma of "don't talk to strangers" but in all honesty, we all start out as strangers. How can you expect to make friends if you don't talk to anyone. That's honestly why we decided to create a YouTube channel because it was just us in the middle of North Carolina and we were okay with the whole world knowing what we planned on doing.

I can thank my mother for the friendly push to talk to people I don't know and become friends with. We had several people come this past weekend who would not have come if I didn't open my mouth and make a friend. For that, I am truly thankful and might I say, what a wonderful feeling to have friends after many months of going without. What a wonderful feeling to be so supported by others sharing this same dream to raise our own food. To make even a big enough difference to change the health of our soil and the health of our bodies through sustainable practices.

The season of giving reminds us to talk to a stranger, to share our story and to share our blessings. As the year comes to a close, we are excited to set goals for the coming year, especially those involving giving. Josh and I have had discussions in the past and agreed that our door is always open to feed anyone because we know God will provide. We have learned to trust His plan for us and surrender to His will in this journey we travel.

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