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If you have been following us for any length of time, I'm sure you have drawn the conclusion that we are busy people who always have something going on. If you did, you are correct! Josh and I knew early in our relationship that we are equally workaholics and together even more so. We were those weird seniors in college who balanced working full-time 40+ hours per week jobs on top of classes. When we moved to New York, we slid into a pattern for the first 3 months of working one job and watching LOTS of Netflix. When we were awakened to the fact we couldn't AFFORD to stay, we started at Lowe's Home Improvement. Working the same shift so we could at least "see" each other while we piled on 25+ extra hours to our 9-5 jobs, working 7pm-12am. We sold everything we possibly could, hustled at work, and started dumpster diving at our luxury apartment area to save as much as we could for the move.

Fast forward, living in Raleigh, we slid back into the Netflix routine while working around 45 hours at the resto shop, growing somewhat tired of apartment life. When we learned last March 2019 that we needed to start saving for a house, we cut our subscription for good. Every spare moment we had from March until August was spent researching and studying. Most importantly, that time was spent dreaming of our homestead to be. What started as researching organic gardening opened the door to possibilities as we were introduced to the term "Homestead."

It's no secret that Josh and I still work full time, myself averaging 45 hours between my two jobs. The homestead is so important to us and we long for the day where we can come home. Although we are admittedly workaholics, it's not the work we love, it's the ability it gives us to continue on our debt-free journey. We are excited to add that into our YouTube channel as we really fine tune our budget, we want to show others that you CAN cash flow and budget on a homestead. Along with being frugal, we want to show that you don't need acres upon acres to be more self-sustaining. We are anxious to announce a new homestead addition on Wednesday.

There is so much of this homesteading life that is so good for the soul. When we can work on the homestead or visit with other homesteaders or farmers, our cups are truly filled and overflow. We had some friends pay a short visit yesterday and of course the conversation turned to dogs! The spark of this blog came from discuss the energy levels of dogs and fitting them into your lifestyle. These words came out of my own mouth, "we have an active life so having 5 high-energy active dogs works for us!" Not something everyone can say but I am happy we have found this balance with our lives and with our animals. Yesterday's sermon at church was a fantastic reminder as well.

Our pastor spoke on the significance of the Mustard Seed in Matthew 13. He addressed that it is not our jobs to know what's going on in the soil, beneath the surface. Our job is to keep sowing the seed with great love. Such an important takeaway when we always need the reminder to keep on keeping on. It's about sowing the seed knowing you won't be able to reap a harvest tomorrow but to keep sowing with faith that God's will, will be done. So we are going to keep homesteading, even on the hard days, because we know there is a bigger purpose.

When we returned from HOA several months ago, we decided to create a Mission Statement for our little homestead. We wanted to set the foundation for the goals on where we envision and want the homestead to do for us and for others.

"Our goal at "Working Aussies Homestead" is to produce food that is grown responsibly, sustainably, and empowers and connects our families, and our communities."

The responsibly and sustainably part have become our absolute focus recently as we expand and really make the full switch to this new lifestyle. A good friend of mine is very earthly aware and food conscious on the overall health of the planet in tune with recycling and resources. Since starting our homestead, I understand her so much more as our values become the same. It has been so rewarding to have a dear friend to truly support and understand our goals here, and Cheryl, thank you for being here! Our addition this weekend to the homestead not only falls in tune with responsible and sustainable but also with our regenerative plans.

Our soil is broken and a huge reason why we added so many chickens to begin with {although eggs are also great!} We hope to help heal our soil through the use of animals on our homestead and our lack of chemicals. As spring is coming, we can already see the difference in the grass from where the chickens have been versus untouched lawn. I'll give you a hint: where the chickens were is already greening up! Talk about regenerative chickens! Anyways, I'm excited to share more of our lives with y'all so stay tuned!

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