Be the Calm

This community has been such a blessing, as is this lifestyle. One year ago, we would be among the masses {thinking} we needed EVERYTHING at the store, JUST IN CASE. Today, we don't have worry. We have everything we need and would need for weeks if not months. As they say these days, we good. Not everyone in America is though and that is what we think the wake-up call should be. Self-sufficiency is not something known or understood by most people. For us, it means not having to see or interact with people unless we want to, ha ha!

We attend a small, country church and we see the divide in how everyone feels about the situation. Aside from me (Jordyn) staying home, life continues as it would normally. Josh still has work and my focus is turned to some homestead projects, planting, caring for our animals, and raising our litter of puppies who turn 3 weeks old today. Life is good in my world aside from having income cease while restaurants are closed. Precaution is good, to a point, before it becomes obsession. I understand the crazy, but it is truly not needed.

Hysteria and hoarding seem to go hand-in-hand and during this time, we need to be the calm. There are plenty of people out there sharing the crazy and the panic, making everyone anxious. We make stupid decisions in the panic, this has been seen over the centuries. Be the calm, share some positivity, don't panic like the rest of the world. God has a plan, we know this. We also know and have been told in the Bible so many times that it is not our place to know His plan. It is our place to surrender to His will and follow His path for us. Calm is contagious, so is panic.

Last week in church, one of the ladies in our congregation talked about how she made the decision to cancel a trip to visit her daughter in Texas. She said in every decision we have to use both of what God gives us, Wisdom and Faith. It's not about using one or the other but using both God's wisdom and God's faith that he gives to us daily. To use both our heart and our mind in important decisions. In our case, we plan to plant a larger garden than we initially anticipated, primarily because we have the seeds and the means for it. In two weeks, we will be ordering more meat birds and in just seven weeks, we will be processing the meat birds we have on pasture now. We do this not only to care for our family but for others as well.

We offer an open-door policy for anyone who wants to come and help or just watch and learn. This community means more to us about teaching and learning than being selfish about what we do and grow. If I could recommend joining any group or community, without a second thought, it would be the homesteading community. In fact, a perfect example is what the Homesteaders of America community is doing by offering a free series to teach people how to grow and raise their own food. Using any space, it could be a patio, backyard, window sill, whatever, you can do more than you think.

If you are interested in this, please check out their link with more information!

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