Frequently asked questions

If I order a bird, do I have to de-feather myself?

No! Your bird will come full dressed (de-feathered and gutted) so it will be ready for either the oven or your freezer!

Can I see how you operate?

Absolutely and we would love to have you! Please call to make sure we are home, then come on by!

What do you feed the birds?

We feed a custom-made certified Non-GMO chick starter feed from Mule City Feed Mill in Benson. It is a corn-free feed with a soy and peanut base.

How do you make your candles?

In house of course! They are made with 100% recylced glass jars, 100% Soy burning wax, a Cherry wood wick with metal base and Organic Essential Oils. Each scent is specifically formulated to heal what ails you and not just fill your nose with chemical fragrances.


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