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Reason for a lifestyle change

Just before our 1st Wedding Anniversary, Jordyn underwent extensive testing for sudden neurological issues. We had already been searching for a house but the want became a need as we knew we wanted to start raising and growing our own food to try and fight whatever was affecting her as it progressed. While researching how we wanted everything planned out, God set the calling on our hearts to take this idea and dream to the next level and involve the community.

Two years into homesteading, Jordyn's neurologists declared her free from Multiple Sclerosis as her lesions and symptoms had disappeared. We are thankful for this life and the second chance it has given us for not only our health but to also lead a more intentional and fulfilled lifestyle.

We are now 4 years into homesteading and we wouldn't want to live any other way! We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experiences through not only our social media platforms but at events as well!

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With experience in a variety of industries and vast knowledge on topics including: Herding & Working Dogs, Canine Nutrition, Homesteading with a Budget, Budgeting, Dog Training, Homesteading on a Small Scale, Animal Husbandry and Butchering, Market Gardening and Entrepreneurship

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Services We Offer

Knowing what goes both into your food and the process of preparing your food has become such an importance with the large manufacturing companies filling up the grocery stores.

However, within the past few generations, the skill of butchering your own food has become scarce and uncommon.

To remedy this, we offer classes and workshops to help teach the best practices so you may be more self-sufficient.


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