Reason for a lifestyle change

Just before our 1st Wedding Anniversary, Jordyn was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. We had already been searching for a house but the want became a need as we knew we wanted to start raising and growing our own food to try and fight this disease as it progresses. While researching how we wanted everything planned out, God set the calling on our hearts to take this idea and dream to the next level and involve the community.


Nestled just a few miles from Interstate 95, the homestead looks like any other ranch-style brick house. The 1.24 acres the house sits on does not look like any other as we have turned the flat sandy soil into grazing ground for our pastured, non-GMO meat birds. Along with our meat birds, we also raise Black Australorp, Rhode Island Red & Whiting True Greens, also pastured, non-GMO fed, for only the best brown and green eggs.


We added two Kune Kune sows for breeding and meat mid-February and look forward to the sustainable meat source they will help provide! These girls are grazers and will help with our goals of regenerative grazing as we run them with the chickens to help heal the soil! In mid-June, Louise gave birth to 6 piglets - we decided to keep the three males, one whom will live his full life out with us as a buddy for a future boar.

As our permaculture homestead grows, we will be adding quail, dairy goats, duck, and turkey. We expect to offer turkeys later this year as well as rabbit meat this fall. We are working on broken soil that has been farmed for generations and can only hope that our restorative farming puts some life back into it. In April, we added our breeding stock rabbits and look forward to processing our first two litters of kits in late August.

Why the name you ask? Well, we raise Australian Shepherds! A small venture we started almost 3 years ago, we welcomed our 2nd litter of 8 healthy puppies on Leap Day, February 29!

Interested in this breed or wanting to know more?

Click the Kelly Krew Aussies button below to visit our program's site!

Along with a small breeding program, we foster for a rescue group called Save Our Herders Outreach which focuses on rescuing herding breeds from shelters.

We have successfully fostered one dog so far and for Christmas, we decided to adopt our second foster, a sweet, deaf double merle Aussie we decided to name Juniper.


If you have any interest in fostering or any interest in adopting, please check out the link to the rescue's website below!



Knowing what goes both into your food and the process of preparing your food has become such an importance with the large manufacturing companies filling up the grocery stores.

We promise these birds are loved and love their lives up through their last day gathering nourishment so that they can nourish you!

If you question that, we welcome you to come and see for yourself or even help process your own bird!

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