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Two KuneKune pigs joined our homestead back in February 2020 and we have loved their addition! Louise and Wanda, sisters from Slow Farm, were the first to steal our hearts and made us pig owners. Louise surprised us with 6 healthy piglets in June 2020, three boys and three girls. We kept the 2 boys and castrated them ourselves before adding them to our freezer in January 2022.

We added Jett, our boar from KuneKune Preserve, in April 2021 and bred him to Louise - she gave birth to 8 piglets on January 5, 2022. Six healthy piglets have been growing (one piglet didn't make it past birth and our smallest piglet didn't gain past one week). 


Our companions in life, they keep us laughing and remind us to stay grounded in the now. When we moved to our homestead, our dogs had always been city dogs. Having Australian Shepherds, they so quickly adapted to our new lifestyle and using their instincts to help with our variety of animals.

Finn lives to be our "chicken man" and takes his job seriously to put our chickens back in their proper pen, however, he recently helped with covering for some pigs. Rey is currently in training and shows lots of promise as we have started her trialing career. She is started on sheep but we look forward to gaining more experience with ducks, turkeys, goats and possibly cows in 2023.

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When we started researching rabbits, we initially thought about starting with registered stock. However, we ended up with some hardy mutts from a homestead friend. 

Our rabbits are a combination of New Zealand, Californian, and Silver Fox. We rotational graze our grow-out kits in make-shift tractors. We put them to work in our garden to help with weeding when we are ready to flip beds.

If you have wondered WHY we got rabbits, I mean beside our logo and because they are just
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